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Version Date Description Release notes
2.6 May 2018 Interactive Creation of Khandam Traverse Maps (Minor Circuits) pdf
2.5 Feb 2017 Traverse Plotting using Angle-Bearing and Distance pdf
2.4 Aug 2016 WorkFlow and User Interface Enhancements pdf
2.3 Jun 2015 Geo-Referencing of Maps. Customization for Andhra Pradesh pdf
2.2 Apr 2014 Interactive Creation of Maps pdf
2.1 Jul 2013 Web-Enabling of CollabLand. Customization for Auroville pdf
2.0 Aug 2012 Customization for Karnataka and Maharashtra pdf
1.9 Oct 2011 Mosaic enhancements; Automatic mosaicing pdf
1.8 Feb 2010 Customization for Gujarat pdf
1.7 Jan 2009 Roll-out in Puducherry pdf
1.6 May 2008 State-wide roll-out in Tamilnadu pdf
1.5 Jan 2008 Integration and commercial deployment in Kerala pdf
1.4 Aug 2007 Pilot run in Kerala using Total Station method pdf
1.3 Dec 2006 Basic mosaicing feature implemented pdf
1.2 Jun 2006 User Interface enhancements pdf
1.1 Aug 2005 Pilot run in two Taluks in Tamilnadu pdf
1.0 Jun 2005 First version for field level testing pdf

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