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bullet What are the methods of Survey Supported by CollabLand?
a) Chain Survey
b) Plane Table Survey
c) Theodolite Survey
d) Total Station Survey (Leica & TopCon)
e) CollabLand can also import maps existing in Shape Files and few proprietary formats.

bullet Where can I download the CollabLand Software?
The latest version of the CollabLand software can be downloaded from the Download Page of the CollabLand Website by entering the username and password.

bullet How to get the username and password for downloading the software?
You may Contact Us for the username and password.

bullet Is CollabLand OS Independent?

bullet Where can I get the User Manual of CollabLand?
User Manual will be available along with the software. Click Here for the pdf version of the manual

bullet When will be the next Version release?
There will be a yearly release of the CollabLand software.

bullet Which is the preferred Operating System: Windows or LINUX?
There is no such preferred Operating System. Can be operated in both Windows and Linux.

bullet What are the pre-requisites for using CollabLand Software?
You need to have Postgresql Database of Version 8.1 or above

bullet Where can I download the Postgres?
You can download the Postgresql Database from the following site :- http://www.postgresql.org/download/

bullet How to update the database with the new version of the software?
The database will be updated automatically when you run the newer version for the first time.

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