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bullet Tamil Nadu
Pilot started in 2005 in two taluks. State-wide rollout started in 2008. Maps in Chain Survey Method. Presently about 150 draftsmen from 70 taluks in 29 districts are doing digitization using the software. More than 13 Lac maps have been digitized so far which is about 30 % of the whole State. Mosaicing has been extensively done throughout the state. Training facility exists at "Tamilnadu Land Survey Training Institute", Orathanadu, near Thanjavur. CollabLand is a part of the curriculum for the Diploma course in Survey Techniques of the institute.

bullet Kerala
Pilot run in 2007 at Thycaud village in Thiruvananthapuram city resurveyed in Total Station method. Software integrated with application for non-spatial data developed by NIC Kerala using VB. Combined print out of map and ownership information given to landowners at nominal cost. Digitization in Chain, Theodolite as well as Total Station methods in progress in 60 taluks in 14 Districts. Approximately 50,000 maps have been digitized so far which is roughly 10 % of total maps. Mosaicing also has been successfully done both in Chain Survey and Total Station Systems.

bullet Puducherry
Digitization work started in the year 2009. Maps are in Chain Survey Method. About 10 draftsmen from 6 taluks in 2 districts are doing digitization. 70 % of maps digitized. Mosaicing also has been done in Chain Survey Method with and without Traverse Data. Integration with the software for non-spatial land records data was tested in dept. office. Maps created using Vision Surveyor software also has been successfully imported into CollabLand.

bullet Gujarat
Software customized in 2010. Brief training sessions have been conducted at two occasions. Demonstrated the capability of the software to handle Chain and Total Station Survey Systems.

bullet Lakshadweep
Software customized in 2011. Training has been given to the dept. staff at Thiruvananthapuram. Digitization is in progress on pilot basis in Minicoy, which is one of the 10 inhabited islands. 70 out of around 400 maps were digitized so far by two draftsmen in a short period of time.

bullet Karnataka
Software customized in 2012. More than 200 staff trained, who are doing digitization work now. Detailed proposal for integration with legacy systems like Bhoomi and Kaveri was drafted.

bullet Maharashtra
Software was customized and pilot implementation for one district started in 2012. Staff from the dept. and out-sourced implementing agency was trained. The implementing agency is primarily doing the digitization work.

bullet Auroville
Auroville is a universal township having land parcels spread across Tamilnadu and Puducherry Demonstrated the ability of CollabLand to handle maps which inherits properties from both states. Software customized in 2013. Digitization work in progress.

bullet Andhra Pradesh
Software customized in 2015. Training has been given to survey department.

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