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bullet Facility to enter Ladder Data, Station Data, Sub-Division (Cut) Point Data, Traverse Data, Traverse Control Points, Boundary and Adjacency information in Table format
bullet Importing of Point coordinate data from Total Station Instruments (Leica & Top Con) in the Station Table
bullet Provision for various editing options and search string in table data
bullet Drawing of Plot Maps from the above data by a single mouse click
bullet Extensive checks for input data validation. Precise error reports are displayed in appropriate levels
bullet Option for clock-wise and counter clock-wise traversal of points in the canvas
bullet Facility to enter cumulative and incremental base distances in the Ladder Data
bullet Automated computation of line lengths and placing of text at Optimum positions
bullet Viewing and Printing of the map of the entire Survey Number or that of a set of selected Sub-divisions
bullet Facility to display the Sub-divisions within outer boundary with hatching. Hatching parameters includes Hatch Type, Angle, Spacing and Color
bullet Provision to input data in units like Meter, Millimeter, Chain-Anna, Chain-Link, Sakhali-Aane, Metric Chain and Link Units
bullet Facility to display area in Hectare Ares, Hectare Centiares, Acre Gunthas and Acre Cents units
bullet Facility for Digitization of Tippans by Merging of Base Lines


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