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bullet Display of subdivisions in mosaic
bullet Intelligent mosaicing of Maps based on Survey system employed
bullet Automatic mosaicing of a Village by merely selecting the Village Name
bullet Mosaicing over Traverse Map based on number of Control Points
bullet Option for manual Mosaicing; Mosaicing in batches
bullet Facility to Mosaic one Map with its immediate neighboring Plots
bullet Provision to Move, Rotate, Align, and Delete Mosaiced Parcels
bullet Option for automatic correction of Mosaiced Maps
bullet Manual correction by Moving and Merging of Points and Lines
bullet Beautification of Village Maps using variety of colored patterns
bullet Facility to export Mosaiced maps in Shape file format
bullet Option to control the Tolerance Values during Matching and Merging
bullet Provision to view the area of mosaiced maps in tabular form
bullet Provision to create traverse boundary from point data
bullet Option to import Total Station traverse data and adjust the closing error


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